Belly Of The Beast

POSTED BY: 11.05.2016

There are federal elections coming up across the western world
We the electorate have some very important choices to consider
Do our ‘leaders’ challenge rather than confirm our prejudices?

Vote and make your voice heard



Intimate Show in Bangalow

POSTED BY: 24.03.2016

Gday Everyone,

Well as usual it has been a while………….. I am not a very consistent Facebooker, Instagramer or Twitterer. It’s possible there is a snap chat account in my name but I really couldn’t be bothered finding out. I figure that there is enough noise around in this world without me adding to it unnecessarily. Anyway, today, here I am. Pretty much when I need to share some information with you I will yell out, but otherwise you are not going to see what I had for breakfast, my amazingly large hair or the great new paint job I have done on my Datsun 200B.

So the good news is that I am in the final stages of a new album which will be out sometime mid year. I won’t bore you with too many details but I have been recording over the last few months with my old friend and colleague Nick Didia who produced most of Powderfinger’s best work. We’ve been having a ball and i am anxious to get it out there for everyone to hear it. There’ll be more (vital, social media worthy) info coming on that over the next few weeks and months.

In the meantime we announced a show at Bangalow A&I Hall on the 19th of May where we will showcase some tunes from the upcoming album. It should be fun as it’s a small venue in a beautiful part of the world. Straight after that we are heading to Kununurra to play at the Ord Valley Muster on the 21st. Despite 25 years of trekking back and forth across this country I have still never made it to the North West so we are dying to get up there to play and then have a squiz around the fabled Kimberley region. We’ll be playing a bit of new stuff in our set up there too.


Both of those shows are on sale now and there are some links and details on the live show page.


Have a Happy Easter everyone and I’ll be in touch.


BF xx

Youngcare Benefit Concert

POSTED BY: 30.09.2015


How are things?

We have managed to make our way back to Australia after another stint in Madrid. I spent most of the year locked in the basement writing and recording extraordinarily low quality demos, eating kilos of jamon and cheese, sipping mojitos on Mojito Tuesday made by a Filippino genius named El Chino, speaking Spanish like Con the Fruiterer, learning a bit about flamenco (no I am not going to insult an entire culture and attempt any on my record), listening to Jackson Browne, The Band, Constant Bop, The Boss, De Pedro, Hiss Golden Messenger, Bobby Blue Bland, John Murry, John Prine, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Marc Maron WTF, Prince and Beck, a bit of travelling, watching and reading about cricket (I went to the first two days at Lord’s – it all went downhill after we left) and just generally being annoying to my family by playing the same songs over and over. Doesn’t sound like much but I can assure you it was as busy and unstructured as the previous sentence.

Not long after we had been back doing some shows in Australia, Matt Engelbrecht and I did a short tour of Europe which, apart from having a lurgy go through the camp (2 people – Matt and I), was a resounding pleasure and success. Sorry again to those people in Germany that planned to come along to what we eventually cancelled. I have always had a sad romantic fantasy about having a backpack and guitar and getting around Europe on trains and playing small acoustic shows with as small a group as possible. I have to say after that experience that ROAD CREW are possibly the only people as under appreciated as lead singers in rock bands. That itch is now well and truly scratched and I am looking forward to returning to traveling with an enormous entourage in the manner to which both Bronwyn Bishop and I are accustomed………private helicopter flitting between 7 star resorts. Oh and by the way Bronwyn, see you later and thanks, on behalf of the Australian public, for being so gracious about the whole incident. We really appreciate it. Oh and while I am at it, deeply insincere thanks to Tony Abbott too. Such a stunning and visionary leader cut down in his prime. Anyway, for a complete change, I digress. I DID love the shows and hope to do some more intimate stuff like that in Australia next year.

So now we are settled in and getting ready to record a brand new , destined for the middle- lower charts quadruple album* set for release next year. It’s always an exciting time getting ready to do this and I am chomping at the bit to get started. We are going to be playing a few of the new songs at the 10th Anniversary Youngcare Benefit Concert at Brisbane City Hall on October 10. It’s not very often that they let people like us play in there so it should be worth coming along. Mosman Alder, #1 Dads and my band are all performing sets along with funny men Julian Morrow and Joel Salom. Also we have a particularly special surprise guest. ………………….Brisbane music royalty is all I can reveal. It’s a great line up so get in and grab the last remaining tickets and help out young people that need a hand.

Purchase tickets to the Youngcare Benefit Concert here

Keep up the top work everyone and see you soon.