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Gday and welcome to my new website. We were well overdue for an update and overhaul so we finally got off of our arses and got cracking. When I say we, I mean the ‘royal we’, meaning the legends that work in my management office. I mostly just do what I’m told.  Why a website you ask? Is there a 90s revival on? Is it 1998 again? Well, some people still prefer this as their method of receiving and finding information. Most of the stuff you need to know from me will be both here and on Facebook, Instagram and, due to my very compromised ability to dance, very rarely on TikTok. Here we will have a bit of a photo archive which will track the crimes against hairdressing that I have perpetrated over the years, touring information so that you can come and see my band and I in the flesh and be able to document how quickly I’ve aged, merch so you can have that Bernard Fanning pencil case that you’ve always wanted on your school desk, a discography which you could easily find elsewhere on the internet and a shop so you can buy physical products like records and cds (ok boomer). So again, welcome. I hope you enjoy the new design (my favourite ever so far) and find it all easy to navigate and whatnot. 

For the time being we are on the Red Hot Summer Tour which is going right across the country from end to end and top to bottom.  I have a smoking new band and lots of excitement in store. You can go ‘here’ to get tickets to a show near you. Or far if you are so inclined. 

For those of you still reading I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your ongoing support, encouragement and kindness. I have been incredibly privileged to be able to continue writing, recording and performing as a musician after more than 30 years in the game and it is only due to the generosity of fans and goodwill of my family that it is still the case. I genuinely do love hearing from you, so if you feel inclined, drop me a line via the contact form.

Onya Queenslanders

Love yez all

BF x x 



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Update From BF

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